OAK Sudbury School will enroll new students throughout the school year for which a non-refundable deposit is required. There will be a policy of open admission, accepting all applicants who have the capacity for full participation as self-directed, autonomous members of the school.  Applicants must be at least five years old.

Step 1: Come and talk, to learn about the school first hand and to find out whether it is a fit for your family. A visit can be arranged by scheduling an interview. You can do this by submitting an Admission Interview Request form which will be made available on our website.  When we receive the AIR we will contact you promptly. Interviews and Admissions can happen at any time during the school year. 

Step 2: Experience OAK Sudbury School: To help the student, the student's family, and the school decide about enrollment, it is required that the student spend 2 weeks at the school as a visiting student.  During this fortnight, the visitor is welcomed as a full participant in the life of the school. There is a fee for this time. After the visiting week, the student can seek enrollment at any time. 

Step 3: Enrolling: Enrolment can take place after the visiting week. The environment of personal freedom and responsibility which will be available at OAK Sudbury School is something which is sought out by many people. Until recently this option for self-directed learning hasn’t always been readily available in the form of a school.  In this model there is a shared trust in the ability of children to build their own path to adulthood.


OAK Sudbury School does not receive state funding from the Department of Education and Skills and does not charge membership fees to cover any running costs. While OAK preschool is funded by the government through the ECCE scheme; OAK Sudbury School is self-funded. Sudbury Schools have yet to be formally recognised by the government in order to receive funding, much like other schools in Ireland, when they set out over 20 years ago. Therefore, attending a Sudbury School costs on average 3,900 euro per annum. In order to attend a Sudbury School; there is an admissions requirement and an interview process. For more information email us at